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Airslide Conveyor

Aeration conveyors (Air Slides) are used to gravity-convey powders by passing low-pressure air through a porous membrane media and into the bed of the material being handled.
  • 【feeding size】:
  • 【capacity】:
  • 【application】:
    widely used In casting, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, food processing and other departments (more application please click the "free contact")
  • 【materials】:
    Low humidity, low viscosity and easy broken material.

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1.  Constant  air  permeability
2.  High  abrasion  resistance
3.  High  tensile  strength  in  warp  &   weft
4.  High  resistance  to  wear  &   degradation
5.  Readily  cut  heat  scalable  so  ease  in  fit ting
6.  Resistance  to  decay  and  rot  prevents  the  formation  of  bacteria  and  f ungus

working principle

Material moves in conveyor on textil-carpet that air can penetrate Conveyor is assembled in specific raked angle Material flow is generated by air flow whitch goes through of the textil-carpet. Air reduses friction material and textil carpet.

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relevant equipment
technical parameters

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