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Fine Sand Recycling Equipment

Fine sand recycling machine as a new environment-friendly equipment, has been gradually applied in hydropower aggregate processing systems, glass raw materials processing systems, artificial sand production line, CPP coarse slime recovery and env
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    purification of fine sand mud, sand and gravel aggregates recycling issues hydropower systems, glass raw materials processing systems, artificial sand production line and coarse slime recovery of materials such as fine particles. (more application please click the "free contact")
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1): Effectively reduce the fine sand losing quantity, and make it in the scope of 5-10%.
2): The vibrating screen utilizes polyurethane screen cloth, which has longer life compared with others and uneasy to be blocked.
3): Inner the polyurethane, strengthen the whole device service life, it can smoothly finished the work of condensing slime and clearing the liquid etc.
4): The maximum fine grain materials quantity recovered from the total effluent is 95%, so it has unsurpassed technology and economic advantage compared with other equipments.
5): The find sand are recovered sufficiently, you can reduce the sedimentation basin workload and Low its clean cost.
6): Reducing nature stock time of the fine material, they can be transferred directly and supplied to the market.
7): We can design corresponding solve project according to our consumers, different requirements.

working principle

The sand and water mixture is sent to hydro cyclone. After centrifugal grading enrichment, the fine sand is sent to vibrating screen by sand sinking mouth. After dehydration by vibrating screen, the fine sand is efficiently separated from water and a few of fine sand and clay come through material returning bin then come back to purge tank. When liquid surface in the purge tank is high, the discharge hole can adjust the liquid surface. The weight concentration of recycling materials in line vibrating screen is 70%-85%. Adjusting fineness modulus can be realized by changing pump rotation speed, changing pulp consistency, adjusting overflow water and changing sand sinking mouth. By the process above, the fine sand recovery system can finish three functions, cleaning, dehydration and grading.



    Sand making line in dalian, including one set Fine Sand  Recycling Equipment.

Relevant Information

【running time 】: 12hours

【feeding size】: <5mm

【finishing size】:0-0.35mm

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